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  • My World of WatercoloursMy World of Watercolour DVD

    Shirley Trevena’s style is immediately recognisable and she mixes her skills as a colourist with vaulting imagination and style. In this DVD  Shirley Trevena RI takes you on a journey through her creative process from how to start a picture from scratch to how to decide when a painting is truly finished. Shirley deals with […]

  • Breaking the Rules of Watercolour DVDBreaking the Rules of Watercolour DVD cover

    This DVD takes the form of a workshop where Shirley Trevena demonstrates the techniques used to achieve her paintings. This DVD will make you really think about what to paint next and inspire you to new levels. Shirley covers such topics as mark making, perspective, colour and so much more. She also shows a range […]

  • Taking Risks with Watercolour DVDTaking Risks with Watercolour DVD cover

    A breath of fresh air, it gives you a rare insight into how Shirley Trevena produces her vibrant and stunning paintings. She encourages you to take risks with watercolour, to lay down layers of paint to obtain the wonderful luminous effect only possible with this medium. DVD: 60 minutes. (This DVD covers different material to […]