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  • Shirley Trevena Watercolours

     Published 6th August – Available now This book has been put together to give the reader, whether they are practising visual artists or just art enthusiasts, a closer, more personal view and hopefully a valuable insight into my evolving work as a watercolour artist. I thought how useful it would be for me to look […]

  • Breaking the Rules of WatercolourBreaking the Rules of Watercolour by Shirley Trevena

      Available Now Shirley Trevena takes the reader through 10 paintings in great detail and shares all her professional tips and painting secrets. In addition, each painting has large close-up details so the reader can really see all the brushstrokes. Shirley breaks the conventional rules of watercolour in many different ways: through her compositions, strange […]

  • Taking Risks with WatercolourThe book Taking Risks with Watercolour by Shirley Trevena

    A practical and superbly illustrated book for intermediate watercolourists who are looking for greater challenges in their work. Taking you through her paintings from the first concept to the finished watercolour, Shirley covers a wide range of topics, encouraging the reader to experiment with vibrant colour, dynamic composition, tone, and bold textures and patterns to […]